Roles of Women in the 1950's

The once empowered women of the 1940's were back to being controlled by the social norms of peace time. After the War was over women were expected to return to the kitchen and begin popping out babies. Although women were expected to do those things some women just couldn't leave the workforce forever and by 1956 1/4 of the nations women were back to work while raising a family. Those 1/4 that couldn't stay back were considered to be bad mothers and wives in the eyes of 1950 society. Women had very little opportunitities to be independent. Women needed men because they couldnt get a job, they couldnt get a job because jobs were for men, Women who didn't want a man had to get a higher education, to get a higher education you need money, to get money you needed a job and women couldnt get a job without higher education and even with higher education jobs were sparse. It was a classic societal catch 22, The cycle was vicious, the 50's society was set up for the failure of women. The rate of men to women getting higher education was 9:1.

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